FEYNLAB™ DEVELOPS & MANUFACTURES a family of products for enhancing and protecting Automotive, Marine, Aircraft, and industrial finishes. These products allow vehicles and surfaces more: UV protection, chemical resistance, enhanced color, a glossier finish, simplicity of cleaning, and the ability to stay cleaner-longer. 

Feynlab’s formulations enable room temperature hand applications of ceramic nano coatings to protect automotive paint, marine & aviation surfaces, plastics, and metal finishes against atmospheric and environmental pollutants.


FEYNLAB’s® product mission, now and always:
To focus all efforts on innovative engineering to provide the best ceramic nano based protection and products for automotive surfaces. Everything we have accomplished was born of this single minded pursuit.

Coating & Product Philosophy

Our approach has always been to analyze and identify the technology we are working with (automotive paint and surfaces) and engineer the best protection and maintenance solutions.

All FEYNLAB® ceramic nano coatings and other product formulations are our own innovations. They are never reverse engineered clones or re-branded products offerings with new labels. We love and revel in the science of ceramic nano technology. In fact, you could call it our obsession. This obsession continually pushes us to innovate solutions as automotive paint and surface materials evolve over time.

Top Notch Protection

Instead of relying on the traditional backbone of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) alone, we embrace a more complex approach combining Si02, Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), and SiC (Silicon Carbide) to create a product line of coatings to solve all vehicle owner preferences and needs. This philosophy yields exceptionally thick coatings with extreme durability, strong chemical resistance, intense UV & heat protection, a high gloss finish, and an impressive hydrophobic surface, making vehicle maintenance super fast and simple.

Our scientific approach and commitment will never waver. We will continue our lab based approach with extensive real world testing to continually perfect products until the optimal formulations are found and approved with the FEYNLAB® label. Along with our continual commitment to education and top notch customer service, the FEYNLAB® vision is to provide the best all around experience to users.


FEYNLAB® hand applied Self Healing Technology is based on our ceramic nano coating formulation. The backbone contains ceramic polymer chains, infused with our smart nano particles. Imagine nano sized magnets attached to the end of the durable ceramic chains, creating a memory-polymer. The memory polymer recovers to its original (cured) state when heated.