ULGO consistently comply with highest standards of auto detailing products and craftsmanship, both inside and out, we have over two decades of auto detailing experiences, especially the Auto Suppliers and Classic Car Museum specified selecting our services, that enables us leading in the industry. ​

  • The coupling technology“SILICONE ALKOXY OLIGOMER”
  • 4 Functional group ‒ Solvent Free Surface Protection
  • ​Assembly and Material Production in JAPAN QUALITY STANDARD.
  • A rich finish with a film volume; easy to work with.
  • Solvent free ULGO AP-I with the highest glass material density
  • ​4 Functional Group Oligomer Glass and Paint Protection


materials Fabric full leather
Interior Cleaning
Dry Cleaning ✔ 
Interior Antibacterial Coating 2 layer 2 layer
Fibrous Coating 1 layer 1 layer
Leather Coating 1 layer
Metal Coating 1 layer 1 layer
Non-odor Sterlize
Guard level ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Warranty 3 year 3 year