ULGO has achieved to provide an unparalleled shine and performance responding to the user’s needs. The car detailing brand ULGO, which was jointly developed by a car coating professional with over 20 years of experiences and a chemical manufacturer, has started. The car detailing series, developed based on vast experiences, have relentlessly pursued a total car beauty ranging from a professional glass coating to body, wheel, and interior detailing. Moreover, they are developed not only for a better performance, but also for a more efficient workability. 

We at Auto Detailing have over two decades of car detailing experiences. Through such experiences, we have come across many users and provided the car coating to various types of vehicles. Through such experiences, we have listened to many customers’ voices and have provided a lot of coating services… then the passion for “our ideal coating” has started to grow and such passion has grown bigger and bigger. Such passion has turned into an actual form and that is ULGO Car Detailing Series. We are very excited to have you experience for yourselves such a wonderful performance of ULGO Car Detailing Series which were born from our vast experiences and many voices of our valuable customers.


Forming organic hybrid structure contains high density vitrification element. Originality by the most latest technology “Organosilane Molecule” for the automotive paint.
​The density of the glass material is 93% as compared to the conventional products whose density is 30%.
​General Application: aviation, military technology, cutting-edge technology such as: semiconductor and digital panels coating etc…